Welcome on my professional website. My name is Raphaël Bauduin, and I help companies use IT efficiently by helping them make the right decision, and possibly implementing it for them. You'll find here a presentation of how I can help you optimise your use of technology.

Making a technology choice has deep impact on a company's inner workings, and can have a long term impact both on the organisational as the financial aspect. Always take informed decisions, also for IT!


I propose personalised ICT services and am specialised in professional solutions based on Free and Open Source Software. Thanks to a 10 years experience and a deep knowledge of the Free and Open Source world coupled with total transparency, you may be sure to get the best service.


My goal is to provide services tailored to the customer's needs.

Before starting any collaboration, a discussion occurs during which it will be determined if I am the right partner for the customer. If this is not the case (for example specialisation in Open Source software doesn't match with the maintenance of a windows server park), I honnestly advise the customer on alternative solutions or providers. If a collaboration is possible, we decide of clear agreements suiting the customers need and budget.

During the collaboration, a continuous communication happens between me and my customers, also thanks to the project management platform I provide to each customer, which includes full documentation of actions taken, full source code of possible software developped and an advanced bug tracking system.

Trust and collaboration 

It is possible to build a trust relationship between customer and IT provider. I wouldn't want to work in another atmosphere with my customers.