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The goal of this project was to

  • share internal data to external people
  • precisely control the access rights of users because each user has only access to part of the extranet
  • authenticate users with X.509 certificates
  • integrate with the existing infrastructure
  • integrate of existing documents


The goals of this project were:

  • multiple editors can adapt the content of the website
  • editors are authenticated with their company-wide account stored
  • content, including documents like text and reports, is indexed for search
  • to easily include other web application in the website

Production Line management

The old tool used by this customer had constraining limitations, and needed to be replaced urgently as it had crashed. This solution would be only temporary though, as an ERP solution was to be deployed 1 year later.

After an analysis of the way of working of the company, the features and requirements were determined with the customer.

The goal of this project were:

  • replace the old tool with a much better solution
  • deliver the solution rapidly
  • make it easy to migrate from the tool to the ERP solution to be deployed

Certificate Authority

The goal of this project was to deploy certificate authority to ease the management of X.509 certificates distributed to employees and partners.

Mobile mails optimisation

When a user send a mail from his/her mobile device, the mail is transfered twice over the network: once to send it to the recipients, and once to save it in the user's sent items on the server. The goal was to have is transfered only once over the network and still have it save in the user's sent items on the server.

Database optimisation

A Postgresql database storing data that is updated tens of times per second was getting slow to consult through the existing web interface.


The goal of the project was to install, adapt and manage the SugarCRM software after a training session given to the users.