Open Source Software in the enterprise 

Free and Open Source softwarre cover most of the needs encountered by a company, both on the desktop and the server. We advise transparently about the possibilities offered, and possible drawbacks proper to the customer's infrastructure. And yes, sometimes we advise against the use of a Free or Open Source solution.

Data Management

For a company, data is a goldmine that is not often used optimally. If you're still working with spreadsheets as a data sharing solution for employees, or if you're looking to optimise the usage and sharing of your data by the use of new and flexible technology, we can help!


We have specialised in the development of web-based management tools. Such tools include customer databases, production line management, statistics presentation. Those tools are developed specifically for the customer and optimise the work of the whole company! A small and affordable tool can make a big difference in the day to day work! Contact us for a free discussion.

The technologies used in the development for our customers include:

  • php
  • ruby
  • postgresql
  • javascript (jquery, YUI,extjs)
  • apache
  • firefox
  • mysql
  • the java platform

System Administration

We can provide system administration services and manage the installation, configuration and maintenance of most server software used by a company, including but not limited to:

  • Databases (Postgresql, Mysql)
  • Email (Exim, Postfix)
  • Web server (Apache)
  • PKI (ejbca)
  • Reporting (JasperReport)
  • Instant communication (jabber)
  • Firewalls (netfilter, shoerwall, qos)
  • CMS (eZ Publish, Drupal)
  • CRM (Sugar CRM)


Web-based solution and network services maintainted by can either be hosted at the customer premises, or on' server. Our customers keep control of their data and can migrate from one option to the other without any other problem than those coming from technical implications.


Our first goal is to have satisfied customers, and if we can't provide the service requested by a customer or prospect, we have no problem to refer another provider. This places us in a good position to provide advising services and help companies identify the best provider for their request.


I have had the opportunity to give several training sessions in english, french and dutch.

These sessions are of two types:

  • give a training to end users about a new tool rolled out in a company
  • technology training to ICT professionals. These trainings are organised by specialised training center providing all infrastructure and material for the course.

Subject of trainings or information session I gave in the past include PHP, Apache, Mysql, Perl, Javascript, Ajax techniques, Postgresql, etc...