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Personal initiatives


I initiated the Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting in 2001 and unti 2007 lead its organisation and growth to become the major developers meeting in Europe it is today with more than 4000 visitors.

The goal of FOSDEM was to enable developers to meet in real life, and foster collaboration, also across projects. It is a big satisfaction to know these goals have been reached.

Today FOSDEM is lead by a group of volunteers who consistently deliver a great job by perpetuating this yearly conference.


After leaving FOSDEM, I founded Profoss with the goal to inform objectively professional users of ICT about the opportunities to user Free and Open Source Software in professional environments.

Profoss conferences are organised at regular intervals (+/- one per quarter) with subjects as Asterisk (VoIP), Virtualisation , OpenOffice , ERP solutions , Legal matters , etc... These conferences are recognised for their quality and the relevant information brought by speakers who are all specialists in their domain.


I was involved in Trucksharing, a now defunct platform for parcel distribution. I had designed and implemented the whole platform of Trucksharing.com from the database design to the backup solution. It was a revolutionary application using bleeding edge technologies (javascript techniques used are today called Ajax, though that term hadn't been coined yet).


I am the original developer of MyOwnDB , an online web-based database, which is now developed in association with Zeropoint.it .

I am still the lead developer of the software,which has been published under an open source license under the name Dedomenon .

More recently, the same software is used as the backend for TheDataTank , a service to help publish consumable data online.